Bhali Mzianupheli


I was so excited that SHAPE introduces this program which enhances young entrepreneurs who have great ideas in developing themselves and the country as well. When I heard about the program, I was really excited and interested, I applied online then I got an email as a feedback that I was in a shortlist and we had to come and write a small online test where the selection of 60 candidates who passed the test would be awarded the scholarship. Luckily I was part of that 60 and I was delighted to meet Mrs Van Der Westhuizen our program co-ordinater…Now I am planning to work hard, attend all meetings and have fun. But my real goal is to get the contract.


I always have hope that one day I will own my own company and develop the country’s economy in a very unique way. I always hope that I won’t have to worry other people to sustain my life, m going to be an independent business man whose aim is to develop more and learn more strategies from my fellow partners and stakeholder. With SHAPE, funding and a contract from the municipality my dream and hopes may finally come true