Cossa Simle

I first heard about SHAPE when I was in a lecture and Ms. Westhuizen came in and presented the opportunity to get into the programme, I was intrigued when she asked “when you graduate, what are you going to do with you degree?” that question made me think of what my future plans are and how I will fulfil them and it reminded me of that business idea that I had always had but never thought to put it into action, I applied to get into the programme and I was very excited when I saw my name on the final list of those who had got into the SHAPE programme. I knew that this brought me one step closer into realising my full potential as an aspiring young entrepreneur. I have always wanted to own a business that will be a success and I believe that SHAPE is the right channel towards making that goal a success. I am very thankful for being given the chance to be on this programme. I believe the best is yet to come and that my potential of being an entrepreneur has been activated because of SHAPE.

As a young entrepreneur I wish to start up a business that will help uplift the economy of South Africa and hence improve the living standards of people while ensuring that it protects the environment that that we live in. It is without a doubt that South Africa has a major problem in addressing the issues of youth employment and development and I believe it is up to every person to take charge and change the situation, which is why I want to start up a business that will employ the youth and advance them with skills and training so that they may also be aspiring entrepreneurs and be able to start up their own businesses as well and hence contributing towards the growth of this country. The aim is to uplift communities by giving them job opportunities and working with the government towards the development of this country through building infrastructures and promoting exports and hence strengthening the currency of this country.
In ten years’ time I see the business as a success and trading on the Johannesburg Security Exchange as a way of expanding the capital of the business by attracting investment. I also believe that the business will benefit the whole of South Africa as it will have many branches in all the nine provinces of the country and that it will help government on their goals and objectives of uplifting poverty and creating job opportunities through SMME’s. I believe and I believe that this will be a success.