Gumede Gugu

To me personally getting into shape means a great deal of opportunities and experience both personally and business wise. I was over the moon when I got accepted to be one of shapes young entrepreneurs. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of this programme. I believe that it is a huge opportunity for someone as young, full of life and open minded as today’s youth. Getting into shape will hopefully provide me with a large amount of information and experience about being a young entrepreneur and how to carry myself and face all the obstacles that come with being a young entrepreneur. Personally I think that it will be a wonderful experience and opportunity to explore what I can do and achieve when my mind is set to it, to explore my capabilities as an individual and young entrepreneur in South Africa. So far getting into shape has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made this year alone, and I would like to thank who ever established this scholarship as it will enhance most of us and produce south Africa’s first young entrepreneur.

What one hopes for as a young entrepreneur basically all comes from his or her dreams and what he or she would like to change in the community, or simply what to achieve. Everyone dreams of owning their own companies and businesses and being recognised by almost everyone all around the world but what really is important is not having the dreams but what you do to achieve those dreams. So it is to the extent to which one is motivated to want to achieve their goals and fulfil their hopes that truly defines a person’s capabilities in life. As a young entrepreneur I not only dream I dream, motivate myself to strive to achieve my dream and hope for success in all the risks that come with being a young wise, well minded, and motivated entrepreneur. My hopes as a young entrepreneur are to be a success in all the business opportunities I tackle and make the best out of a simple business proposal or idea that is brought to my table and that I personally bring up to myself. I hope to be not only an entrepreneur but a young entrepreneur who not only benefits herself but works for a social benefit of the community as well.