Jama Lungielwa

At first I didn’t understand the shape program, but after I’ve attended the few classes it sank to my mind that wow now I’m really a young entrepreneur. The joy and happiness started to move inside me. Every day I woke up with a great feeling of knowing that I got that chance to shift and activate my potential into action. Shape came in a right time to right people, getting into shape made me explore my potential ideas that I’ve hidden for a long time because I was scared to be a business woman. Now and then in the business news you hear that a particular business has failed. But since I joined shape it taught me that failure is not end of the world and also taking a risk means you not just anybody but a brave person that can uplift the world.

Shape will not only open doors for us but it will teach us to be confident and also trust our ideas that everyone can have a successful business. It a great experience to gain such knowledge that builds us personally and in business aspect of view. Getting into shape made me realise that the dreams I have been pressing them down, it time I reveal them to shift hope and to activate the young entrepreneur inside me.

Many think that being an entrepreneur is just having a business; I think it goes more deep than what other people think. Being a young entrepreneur has to do with passion, love, innovation, creative and always think out of the box. Everyone out there has business, what makes yours so different? it being unique young shape entrepreneur with potential.

A young entrepreneur with great attitude towards the business world is what everyone hopes for. Not just being a successful entrepreneur but a person who can change the world and the economy with their potential. As a young entrepreneur I hope to change the world to the better living standard, shifting the young individuals to business and empower them to explore their potential also. I hope as a young entrepreneur to have a successful business, gain experience and acquire new knowledge and put into action the potential of innovation in the business world. Being a young entrepreneur is an opportunity that everyone could ever dream for, it motivate a person that they can move the world forward as the future leaders of tomorrow that will lead in success and innovation of new fresh minds. It is good to be the change you want to see. Thank you.