Magubane Thokozani

Shape is a stepping stone to become a young and successful entrepreneur which I saw as light in the tunnel when I was awarded a scholarship. I felt honoured and overwhelmed when I received the news and that will confirmed by my corporation to parallel seek to achieve goals of the scholarship and as well as mine. Asking questions while I observe is what drives my desire to become a successful entrepreneur in future, of which I find it present with shape scholar. This program will not only contribute to an individual development on a business perspective but economy and society will benefit as well so I see Shape as resource to rescue our economy from downturn. My ambition to save our society I believe is inline with that of the scholarship which will aggressively motivate my desire to achieve my goal currently rather than in the future. From first day I received the news I think big every morning I wake up and is a self-motivation I earned so far which I think is big weapon to fight with moving forward.

I always had wishes, when I wake up in the morning, of being a business owner one day. My observation when I walk around town restaurants, supermarkets, factories, hypermarkets etc.. I found a lot to be done by each and everyone of the above for example why you can’t find even a drop of blood in the meet of that is available in Shoprite, Pick ’n’ Pay etc. .. while when you go to Woolworth supermarket you will find a fresh stakes of meet with blood. These are the implications of inefficiency management of supply chain which creates an opportunities for people like us as shape to take advantage these weak angles and I believe this will contribute towards increasing the life expectancy of our society as whole. How can our industries produce the same amount of output but with no harm to our environment which means they will use input or natural resources which are environmental friendly and to use resources that are environmental friendly will prevent the society from harmful of Global warming.