Masina Palesa

The SHAPE concept was pitched in the second semester of my first year in university and she had me from the moment she asked if any of we wanted to be a young entrepreneurs. As the semester came to an end I didn’t hear from her again and I was rather sad that I may have missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once I returned to campus for my second semester I saw her cheerful face again she came back with a pitch that knocked my socks off, and now I didn’t want to just get into SHAPE I NEEDED to get into this program. I applied as soon as I could get my fingers onto the website and let’s say the rest is history. I started doubting myself as I realized exactly how many people obviously wanted to this opportunity, the “new dork” video discouraged me immensely because we are now living in a techno generation and I thought that only your “Mark Zuckerberg’s” could make the big bucks. On a random Monday morning whilst going through my emails whilst waiting for my next class I saw my name on the shortlist, my excitement could not be contained. Since I was so excited, I didn’t read the email properly and I missed the very important fact that I was to attend the Tuesday group I decided I would attend the Thursday group, upon rereading the email on Wednesday night I realized I was supposed to attend on Tuesday but I decided to take the risk and join the Thursday group. I started thinking of the worst case scenario like what if she says “no you don’t belong to this group, you’ve missed your opportunity go home”!. By the grace of God I was able to attend the session and my application got approved.

Firstly I must admit that accepting this scholarship whilst studying and therefore dealing with the pressures of my university studies is terrifying, I still have sleepless nights where I wonder if I can excel at both my studies and having a lucrative business idea that could possibly become my life. My hopes as an entrepreneur are very broad and in my opinion need to be tamed because I tend to get carried away in the direction I want it to go. I have an interest in the development and properties industry, anything that has anything to do with building, selling and renovating structures interests me. This idea was sparked by the development guru Donald Trump and I am in awe of how he has been able to make a global success of himself and his company. My hope is to build a financially successful company that everyday South African citizens can identify with. My hope is to create permanent employment for my fellow South African citizens and I hope my company can grow with this country.