Mbatha Samkele

Getting into shape for me has been a thus far a life changing experience, it might seem small for some, but to me it is a huge deal, as it gives me hope that after a not so good previous year, my life is taking a new journey, a journey that will “shape” the rest of my life, personally and professionally, this programme is also assisting me in opening my mind and sharing my professional views, it is great also to see that i am not the only one who has a “dream” or a passion for a better life, I see this in the vast number of character’s I am meeting through this programme. Getting into shape means not only a great stepping stone for me but also a great stepping stone for the people that will in-turn be affected by my being here. I know it’s going to be a great year and I can’t wait to live the future that shape will be providing me with, and yes I GOT A GOOD FEELING.

We unfortunately, live in a country were jobs of lately are very scarce, but let me not just say it is our country but it seems to be a growing problem even in some 1st world countries. This calls for a “cut above the rest” attitude, that has to have you focused, creative, hopeful, open to change, keeping you relevant within the growing economy and GDP, as a young entrepreneur I hope to be relevant to make a change by providing security not just for me but other families out there that have no jobs or little income. As young entrepreneur’s, now-a-days we do thing just for the money not keeping in mind of the effect it might have on the people around us. So me as a prominent up and coming young entrepreneur I hope or strive to challenge this mind set we have as young people, I hope to live a better life that my parents would be proud of, with also never forgetting that education is key to developing a bright entrepreneur, as I am sure some do not even know how to spell the word, not forgetting my morals, values and upbringing. So all in all I hope to one day look back and say I have transformed from young entrepreneur to a business MAN, transition will not be ‘hunky-dory” but the ride will be worth it!! Cause yes I GOT A GOOD FEELING.