Mdluli Thobeka

SHAPE is a great initiative that seeks to shift hope, and activate potential entrepreneurship. This initiative was synonymous with my personal goals I had for myself this year, after I came across a blog ( )that asked me questions that made me reflect and realise that there was a lot I had to do in order to reach my optimum potential. The questions were:
1. How much of your day do you spend consuming what other people have created? How often do you create?
2. How can you build a platform this year for you to stand on next year?
3. What are you doing that actually matters?
4. How can you inject more awe and wonder into your life?
Getting into SHAPE meant I was immersed into an environment infused with creative minds that have innovative ideas. A collective group of 60 young vibrant people that are passionate about creating businesses that would change lives and inspire people. This was the environment that I wanted to be in, where I share the same passions and sentiments with young individuals like myself. Getting into SHAPE meant, taking an opportunity that’ll grant me the ability to face my frontiers and allow me to be the instrument of change that I want to see in our country.

I believe I am a reformer, and within myself and with guidance from initiatives like SHAPE I can be the instrument of the change that I want to see in the environment around me and in my country as a whole. An entrepreneur is a reformer that sees a gap in the market and seeks to fill the gap with the appropriate product or service. My hopes as a fledgling entrepreneur is to come up with an innovative idea that is watershed in the market. An idea that will feed and inspire magnitudes and allow me to be the instrument for the birth of bigger and even more innovative ideas that will touch the lives of many and ultimately improve our staggering economy in South Africa. I do however believe it is not easy and will require perseverance, hard work perhaps setbacks and hardships ,but no entrepreneur to date has told me it was easy for them, a little bit of negativity is part of the game and I ca