Mkhwanazi Sibusisu

Shape is an opportunity given to me to explorer the world of business, which will give me insight of what to do as an entrepreneur when faced with business dilemma. These advise shape promise us to gain, I think are truly important for every entrepreneur hence increase our confidence as next successful entrepreneurs. I feel honored to get into shape because we will get to meet other successful entrepreneurs who might be interested to join forces in the field I’m interested to get to. The events and activities we will be doing during shape will expose us to different way of thinking as entrepreneur which in my opinion it a better way create confidence because we will be all socializing. I’m looking forward to the future and the outcome of the programme and I believe that we will do just fine to land a business contract at year end. Yes indeed we all come from different backgrounds, we know different problems our community are faced with and I want to address those problems to right people who want to change our country. Shape is a foundation to all of us to build our legacy. Shape an activator, motivator and an incubator, let get it done.
The opportunity has come for me to move my business idea forward. The government of our country has come forward to help young entrepreneurs, I urge every young entrepreneur to take every opportunity given to them to expand. I hope to learn on how to present my idea to potential investors. The expansion of a business does not solely lie on entrepreneur only, and i hope to create a healthy environment for my business. I believe for my business to grow I will need to have people to advise me. A business to survive relies on skill it employees pose and I believe with the degree I’m currently doing, it will add value to my business and unlock other doors for me and my business. There is a room for my business to succeed because it deals with tourism sector of which is fastest growing sector and contribute high percentage to our gross domestic product of our country south Africa. An investment to the sector creates more jobs for our people to work for living and increase the life standard. In order for country tourism sector to be successful it needs to be able differentiated from other and my business will do just that for South Africa