Ngcongo Thembalakhe

Getting into shape is wonderful experience to learn and build my skills as I want to be young entrepreneur. I think it will make it easy for me to grow as entrepreneur building my confident, communication and my leadership skills rather than trying to grow as entrepreneur alone with all my ideas. Getting into shape I think will give more confident knowing that when I graduate I do not have to look for experience or work for someone because getting into shape I will have all experience I need to be good entrepreneur .

Be entrepreneur is not an easy career since you face with many uncertainty which need lot of thinking, focus and confident not leaving the most important skill of entrepreneur dedication .because without dedication you cannot achieve anything in this world of many authority personal that have ego and deceive. Whereas you need them a lot to market and promote your start up business .with shape by my side I believe that I have skipped all the hard work that I was supposed to do to be entrepreneur in the future .now have to put all my thinking on my business ideas clarity knowing shape have everything else covered .

My hopes as a young entrepreneur is to grow giant light Designing Corporation which can implement the innovation of technology to make a country that is beautiful, innovation cohere technology and nature.

My hopes as a young entrepreneur are to see many south African young people make opportunities for themselves and make a change in this world. Because many government organization available to help .my hope is to see young people go to high academic institutions to learn how manage their business not to graduate and look for jobs I believe everyone young people over the has his/her good uniqueness ability to make change in life .as mother Teresa said you can do what I cannot do, I can do what you cannot do, together we can do greater things .I hope to see south Africa grow in technology business as it still major problem in south Africa. They are not many technological skilled people in south Africa which make us buy more another country product by that make south Africa still a developing country even after 20 year of freedom.