Ngunze Okuhle

Wow, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I knew that I was one BIG step closer to seeing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur come to life. The next step after receiving the scholarship was telling my entire family the good news then getting ready to be fully competent in everything that was going to be required of me. Firstly I had to thank God for helping me get the scholarship. Secondly I had to set my studying timetable to incorporate everything which was to take place during my SHAPE experience.

As a young kid I always imagined myself wearing suites to work and calling the shots on what happens and when it takes place. Later on I discovered that the image I had drawn as a young kid of who I wanted to become was that of an entrepreneur. It fascinated me to see that people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson never waited for people to create opportunities for them but rather they stepped out of the crowd and became their own opportunity makers. These were guys who from nothing made something. Game changers, World Shapers ,Innovators, these are just a few titles that drew me closer to learning more of what these great men were truly all about. So from this fascination led to me seeing what I was passionate about and how I could use this passion to change the world and become an innovator. Well I knew that I had a love for drawing and had a curiosity of how those huge election campaign posters were made or even who was behind that mega billboard that the whole of Durban see’s every day. My next step was finding out who was responsible for creating those posters and billboards then seeing how I could do what they did, but do it at a larger scale. I then found out that this was the printing and marketing world and that this mixed well with my love for drawing, designing and being an entrepreneur. This was the perfect opportunity and motive to starting my own marketing and printing company. One that would surely leave a mark in the way things are done in the world today in regards to marketing, advertising and printing.