Sibisi Sanele

I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to receive the scholarship. The program has not only boasted my confidence, but also given me a chance for my business idea to be put into action and also take away that sense of worry and concern away about marketing my idea. Without this concern, I am able to put more attention to getting my business into action and do the best that I can. I was pleasantly surprised to have received a scholarship. I am so thankful to the Shifting Hope, Activating and Potential Entrepreneur (SHAPE) for choosing me out of all the other candidates. It is truly a morale booster to feel recognized and has only encouraged me to continue working hard business wise. Sometimes it feels like all your hard work goes unnoticed but the SHAPE has shown me that they noticed and have given me chance to work hard. I can only hope other students recognize this honour and apply for this scholarship too next year. My business idea is basically focusing in agricultural venture. I personally consider SHAPE as a milestone in my future career. I see myself as a very successful global corporate leader in years to come.

I believe that my capabilities are beyond my perceptions, and with all hard work and effort needed I truly can out-perform at any situation given. I grew up from a rural and a poor community, since as a young boy I strongly developed a passion to change the lives of other individuals and be involved in a commercial organization that will alleviate poverty by creating jobs, and serving the community. My hopes are basically to uplift the continent economy and be sustainable among other developed countries. I strongly feel that my desires are likely to happen as the SHAPE programme is enhancing my confidence. As my wishes is about to happen and be true, I believe that with all resources given I can demonstrate my life-longing desires to be able uplift the African societies. I’m certain that SHAPE will open doors for me and it has brought forward the resources that I need close to me. Honestly, I truly understand the responsibility and pain I will endure throughout my future experience. Business ideas don’t occur alone but effort is needed to turn it to an action. Changing and improving growth strength of the continent is a very important particular aspect that future leaders should be contemplating on. There are many government initiatives that are aimed to make it possible for small and medium entities to operate in the market.