Thayi Saneliswe Fatima

From the first presentation that THEA VAN WESTHUIZEN introduced SHAPE, I knew I had interest in the programme I was quite reluctant to find out or even apply, as I thought I will not stand a chance of being SHAPE’s young entrepreneur. Nevertheless I was determined to give it a try; the night before registration closed I applied for the scholarship. I knew it was one opportunity that I couldn’t let go off, it’s something I always looked forward to. As I signed my application form I felt as if I was quarter mile into discovering my potential and working towards my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. After submitting my application form, I informed my family. Their response was quite motivating; after all I understood that this was a stepping stone to achieving my dreams.

I felt really honoured to see my name under SHAPE’s shortlist. It was exciting to boast about the fact that I was one of the 120 names that were shortlisted. The big question was “Will I make it to be part of SHAPE’s 60 scholarship achievers?”. Surprisingly I did ;(….( tears of joy). CONGRATULATIONS Fatz!!!

My hope as SHAPE’s young entrepreneur is to discover my inner self, my capabilities, make a difference in my life my community and society as a whole. At this moment in life I have big ideas of how my life will be as an entrepreneur, but the biggest challenge is how I will go about making sure I am on the right track doing the right thing. I am certain that SHAPE will help me into changing my dreams into reality.

I believe that working with SHAPE I stand a better chance of making a success of my goal. .Although I may not be the entrepreneur that I want to be now, I do believe I have the ability to become a successful entrepreneur that I aspire to become. I believe in myself and will work diligently in facing the challenges and risk that may come along. I acknowledge that the road to success is not easy, it requires perseverance, risk- taking, being able to deal with challenges in the most effective way, being able to turn threats into opportunities. I hope by the end of this course I will be able to look back and smile with contentment of knowing I AM WHERE I WANTED TO BE.