Vilakazi Lethokhule

It was an overwhelming feeling, it actually started when I first saw the shortlisted individuals with my name in the list then a week later when the successful applicants were posted up I could not believe it. The joy and excitement that I felt was beyond words, with these ecstatic news the first thing I thought of doing was to call my entire family and let them know that “I HAVE MADE IT “, i have been given the opportunity to become one of the young entrepreneurs that I have always wanted to be ever since was introduced to us last year 2013 by Thea van der Westhuizen. The emotions I felt when I got into the shape programme ,the last time I could recall feeling them was at the time when I got accepted into the University of KwaZulu Natal where I strongly believe that all my ambitions and dreams will come to life through hard-work with such an opportunity provided to me.

As a young person with very high hopes and dreams going into the future we often get discouraged by type of difficulties we often see our elders face. The main factor incompetence information but the main obstacle I personally see affecting the youth is lack of opportunities and with this opportunity given to me, I believe the sky is too close from where I want to reach. I have always wanted to be a businesswoman, make a permanent mark in the big mean corporate world and specifically own my own company. As boring as it may sound for many youngsters, I am very much interested in the countries social factors and the environment sustainability. As a young entrepreneur I hope to bring a massive change in the environment we live in by trying so hard not to deplete our natural resources in the gains of profit alone. I hope to implement more job securities to different sectors namely agricultural an industrial sector. The SHAPE programme has highly lifted my confidence spirit in the business world planted a very productive seed in my mind that nothing is impossible with optimal dedication and the right people in the industry the world is your oyster.